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Need a new business collaboration solution? Read this first.

The cost, risk, and value behind adopting cloud-based collaboration.

Cloud vs. PBX: Discover What's Best

Usually, when deciding on new business tools, most of us start with evaluating the total cost of ownership – how much it will cost us to invest in the new solution, and to maintain and use it from year to year.

But when it comes to finding the right voice, video and messaging tool for your company, each option has very different features, benefits and cost models. This makes it hard to conduct a traditional head-to-head comparison.

If you can’t decide whether to buy a new PBX or move your business to cloud-based communication services, you’re not alone.

Keep reading to understand the major costs, risks, and value behind both PBX and cloud communication services, so you can find the best solution for your business.

Big Costs Benefits

Premises PBX and cloud-based communication services are based on two widely divergent cost models. An on-premises PBX requires an initial capital investment, followed by ongoing operations and maintenance costs. A cloud-based communication service such as Hosted Unified Communications, on the other hand, is offered for a low, fixed licensing fee.

Budget Predictability

With a premises-based PBX, costs can be tough to predict. How do you know when a component will fail or your business will exceed its PBX capacity? 

With Hosted UC, you know precisely what your costs will be, month by month and year by year.  

Support and Maintenance

Support and maintenance costs can quickly escalate on top of your initial capital outlay for a premises PBX. These fees soar higher especially as your equipment ages.

CBTS can manage your infrastructure.  There’s no hardware to upgrade, no software to upgrade, and no licensing – it’s a budgetable flat flee.

Consolidate Your Collaboration Tools

In addition to eliminating capital and maintenance costs, Hosted UC may reduce or eliminate other operating expenses, such as long distance and  conferencing charges or Go to Meeting costs – and even analog phone lines.

Gain Advanced Features

Adding a new contact center or deploying new productivity features like audio, web and video conferencing can boost your business. However, on a PBX, these new features may require a costly infrastructure upgrade.

With Hosted UC, you can easily add new services for a predictable monthly fee. The cost model is so compelling that 75% of organizations surveyed about their contact center needs predicted they would move to a cloud-based platform.1

PBXs Come With Risk

Even the cheapest PBX solution may not be the best if it limits your choices or leads to downtime and outages. Here’s why:

Your growing business

Buying hardware can be a guessing game. Make the wrong decision and you can quickly outgrow your PBX or waste hard-earned capital for capacity that sits unused. With Hosted UC, you pay for precisely what you need. You can easily scale up to match your business’s growth.

Unpredictable downtime

Communication is vital to almost every business’s operations. You probably don’t want downtime for any reason, even updates or repairs. With CBTS, you get state of the art Unified Communications technology, independent from local power, networks or systems. Even if your offices are inaccessible, you can work from any Internet connection or cellular device. With a PBX, you would need to invest in duplicate hardware to ensure the same level of protection.

Sunk costs

Technology moves quickly. If your new PBX fails to deliver in the 21st century, your investment is sunk. With Hosted UC, included in your monthly fee are technology upgrades, phones, service portal and 24/7, 365 support. Your technology investment is secure and supported with us.

Deployment woes

Deploying a new PBX can be time-consuming and complex. As you know,  there’s that nerve-wracking moment when you have to decide whether to “go live.” With Hosted UC, however, you can radically reduce deployment time, complexity and risk. CBTS helps you make a phased transition – integrating your existing PBX into your new cloud infrastructure so the two operate side-by-side. You can transition individuals, teams or locations as you are ready, while maintaining your current dial plan and extensions.

The Core Values

How your business chooses to communicate greatly impacts your day-to-day operations. How important are these core values to your company?

Remote/Mobile Working

When members of your team can work seamlessly from anywhere, your business becomes more responsive to customers and prospects

With Hosted UC, it’s simple to give each employee the same secure, productivity-enhancing tools for voice, video and information-sharing, regardless of where they work or travel.

Remote workers can “plug and play” from any Internet connection. Mobile workers can take their work number with them on their mobile device. 


If your IT team is stretched to the max, Hosted UC can help. Simple, intuitive online tools help you take care of day-to-day administration, including security protocols, moves, adds and changes. 

CBTS provides dedicated, 24/7, in house support for all customers to ensure Quality of Experience (QoE), as well as privacy and security.


Workers waste a lot of time trying to find what they need, when they need it. Walk into any business and you’ll find messages, calendar alerts and documents scattered across too many devices and applications.

Hosted UC ends the productivity drain by aggregating notifications, information and interactions from multiple sources and serving it up into a single, streamlined app and interface. You can even integrate communications directly into the apps you use every day – from Salesforce to Google G Suite and Office 365.

Fewer costs.
Reduced risk.
Better value.

CBTS offers a complete portfolio of Unified Communications solutions that help businesses like yours thrive.

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